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Sean Macguire
Sean MacGuire is a character featured in Red Dead Redemption II.



A cocky young Irish thief and stick‐up man who comes from a long line of criminals and political dissidents. He always wants a piece of the action and believes in himself...perhaps a little too much.

Sean MacGuire is an outlaw and member of the Van der Linde Gang.

He may not be the sharpest knife in the shed, but he’s definitely a good wild card to have on Arthur's side in a fight.

Red Dead Redemption II

Sean is slated to be a supporting character in Red Dead Redemption II.



MacGuire is said to be a cheerful man who enjoys spending his time telling stories at the gang's campfires, which he tells with "boundless enthusiasm." [1]


Sean has a ginger hair at shoulder-length and is slightly unshaven. He appears to wear a jacket of faded blue color over a dirty white shirt.



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