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Gender Male
Affiliations Mr. Kelley
Javier Diego
Location Bear Mountain Mine
Weapon Inquisitor
Status Deacesed

Finally! We just been killin' time since Mr. Kelly told us to guard this...hole in the ground. But it looks like things are pickin' up! That's bad luck for you, stranger!

Sergio, confronting Red Harlow

Sergio is a minor character in Red Dead Revolver.


Sergio appears to be a hired gun working for Mr. Kelley. Kelley stationed him to guard Bear Mountain Mine.


After making it out of his jail cell in the mission "Jailbreak", Red searches the mine for several keys needed for his escape. Along the way, he enters a room with Sergio, Private Eli Hanson, and Ennio. They attempt to duel the player and are all killed in the gunfight. Sergio is also seen controling the gatling gun in the mission Fort Diego.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Sergio is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 182 - 183 under the Renegade Army section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing Keys from the Shop interface at the start of "Fort Diego". He is simply referred to as "The Duellist" because Sheriff Bartlett did not know his name.


  • Judging by his uniform, he appears to be a member of General Javier Diego's renegade army.
  • Like his colleagues Eli and Ennio, he's a reference to Sergio Leone, one of the most famous Western filmmakers.

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