Hold it right there, outlaw!
This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details.

Who's makin' f-f-fun of Sh-sh-sh-Shaky now?


"Shaky" is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Shaky is a petty criminal who sometimes works alongside his friend, Irish. Shaky has a very pronounced stutter, which is the origin of his nickname. He is referred to by Irish as a "hobble-tongued fella" which just about explains everything. Shaky is an arms dealer working out of the warehouse in Thieves' Landing. He works with a gang of bandits that, in one way or another, turn against him. John Marston saves Shaky by slaughtering the men that had him tied-up and beaten.

He is known to be mocked by Irish. Shaky will sometimes attempt to respond to Irish with a witty retort such as " F-f-f-f-f-fucking fuck!", but his stutter weakens the effectiveness of the insult. Despite this, Shaky has a noticeably kinder personality than Irish, as he appears to be more courageous, fighting alongside John Marston. He also seems to be a more honest man, for he immediately gave John the ammunition for the Gatling Gun as promised.


Shaky is featured in the mission "On Shaky's Ground", in which Marston saves him from being beaten. Irish promises Marston that Shaky will have the ammunition needed for the Gatling Gun. Unfortunately, they find that Shaky has been tied up by his fellow gangsters and they are beating him up in order to find out who he is working with. Marston breaks into the warehouse and eliminates the outlaws holding Shaky before untying him. The two then fight their way out into the storage area where they find the ammunition. Irish arrives and the ammunition is loaded into a wagon, after which Marston and Irish part ways with Shaky.

Mission Appearances


This is gonna be one-one-one-one-one hell of a fight.
Fu-fu-fu-fuckin' f-fuck!
Shaky, cursing Irish
P-p-p-p-pl-p-pl-please please, mister. Untie-un-un-un-unt-un-un-un untie me, I'll make it w-w-w-w-worth your while.
Shaky asks Marston to untie him
Shaky when bumped into


  • Shaky is voiced by one of the Art Directors at Rockstar San Diego, Joshua Bass.
  • It is implied that Shaky is a drug addict, due to Shaky being indebted to Irish for the sale of morphine to "calm his nerves."
  • His outfit bears resemblance to Savvy Merchant Outfit.
  • Shaky is one of the few characters to say the word "fuck" more than once.


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