(Griffon is on a balcony of his mansion, giving orders to his guards.)

Griffon: Anyone comes through that gate, you kill 'em. I don't care if it's your granny's ghost, you put a bullet between their eyes and you don't stop shootin' that rifle until you ain't got no bullets left! You understand me?

(Down below, Jack Swift, Annie Stoakes, and Red Harlow are preparing to assault the mansion.)

Jack: Let's see if we can find a way in that will attract a little less attention.

Annie: I'm goin' this way. (off to the side)

Red: I'm goin' straight in.

(The battle commences and after the first Cornet brother, Oswald, is killed, Randy Cornet joins the defense.)

Randy: These gunslingers weren't in the Battle Royale for nothin', boys.

(With two Cornet brothers down and no end to the enemies in sight, the three protagonists regroup.)

Jack: I think a frontal assault is out of the question. Suggestions?

Annie: Follow me. And shoot anything that moves.

(They make their way to the side of the mansion, with no luck, then head upstairs. Annie tries the door and finds it locked as well.)

Annie: Dammit!

Jack: The only thing left in my bag of tricks is to pick the damn lock on the front door. Think you two can keep me from getting shot in the back while I do it?

Annie: Only one way to find out. I'll cover you from up here with my rifle.

Jack: All right then, mate. Follow me.

(After Red and Annie defeat several more waves of attackers, Jack finally manages to pick the lock.)

Jack: I've got it.

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