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Silas Spatchcock is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. He plays a part in the Stranger side-mission "Lights, Camera, Action".


Spatchcock is an actor working for the aspiring filmmaker D.S. MacKenna.


During the Stranger side-mission "Lights, Camera, Action", Marston must convince Spatchcock that acting as a cowboy in films doesn't make him a competent gunslinger by facing him in a duel, however Marston must only disarm Spatchcock, or the mission will fail.


  • Spatchcock's 'accent' is very similar to that of actor John Wayne.
    • His clothing is also similar to John Wayne's in El Dorado.
  • His clothing is very similar to John Kelby's outfit.
  • It is stated that Spatchcock is homosexual. According to MacKenna, Spatchcock falls in love with the cameraman and runs off with him to Canada.
  • After Marston disarms Spatchcock in the duel, he can sometimes pull another handgun out of his holster, which he will then drop on the ground.
  • Spatchcock is also a culinary term that means a chicken or game bird split down the back and grilled (usually immediately after being killed).

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