Sisika Penitentiary is a location featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is the large island off Lemoyne's eastern shore.


The penitentiary was established in 1844. The island is fully encircled by a ring of watchtowers, with a guard in each of them. Most of the island is made up of fields where prisoners work, with barns scattered around the area. In the center of the island, is the main prison. The main prison is made up of many smaller buildings, as well as a few bigger ones, surrounded by a large wall which is patrolled by guards. The fort itself is divided into two wards; one for males, and the other for females.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Following the Van der Linde gang's failed heist of the Saint Denis bank, John Marston is captured and imprisoned here. Following the gangs return from Guarma, Arthur and Sadie begin planning a way to break him out.

Arthur flies above the prison in a hot air balloon, along with Arturo Bullard, in the hopes of locating John. The prison guards open fire on the balloon, forcing them to retreat to the mainland. They however spot John first.

Later, Sadie and Arthur take a rowboat to the island, and land on the islands western shore. They quickly kill the guard in a tower, and spot who they presume is John. After killing the guards guarding the prisoners working in the fields, they realize that it is not John. Swiftly, Arthur captures another guard and holds him hostage, forcing him to reveal that John is not working that way. The two with the guard hostage, go up to the base of the prison and demand an exchange. After getting John in the tradeoff, they fight their way to the shore, get in the boat, and row to the mainland.

Red Dead Online

After the murder of Mr. LeClerk, the online protagonist is framed and wrongfully convicted of committing the crime. They are sent to Sisika Penitentiary, and are sentenced to six months of penal labor and eventual execution. A week before their planned execution, protagonist is freed by Horley, when the latter and his men intercept the transport holding the protagonist.

Known personnel

  • Heston Jameson - Prison Warden
  • Milliken - Guard
  • Jenkins - Guard
  • Jackson - Guard (mentioned)
  • Benton - Guard (mentioned)
  • Townsend - Guard (mentioned)