Red Dead Redemption
Bounty Target

Slink Bradshaw
Rdr slink bradshaw2
Gender Male
Wanted Poster Location New Austin
Affiliations Bollard Twins Gang
Weapon Double-action Revolver
Evans Repeater
Springfield Rifle
Semi-auto Shotgun
Wanted Poster
Rdr slink bradshaw
Dead Alive
$120 $240

I'll see you laid down, mister!

Slink Bradshaw

Slink Bradshaw is a minor character and a bounty target featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Slink Bradshaw is wanted for assault and can be captured or killed depending on the player's choice.


Slink can most often be found around Thieves' Landing, frequently loitering inside the saloon and around the brothel. He can also be encountered at the Fort Mercer hideout and Pike's Basin in Free Roam, where he is renowned for his superb accuracy.


Slink Bradshaw during a fight
It's all over for you.
Slink Bradshaw during a fight
Slink Bradshaw during a fight
Slink Bradshaw during a fight
Why is it so hard to breathe?
Slink Bradshaw when injured
I feel cold, I can't breathe!
Slink Bradshaw when injured
I'll be back for you, I promise.
Slink Bradshaw when captured


  • Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that Slink uses the Masonic Compass as a pin for his hat, as does Bill Williamson.
  • On his wanted poster, he shares a close resemblance to Williamson, as he wears a similar hat and has the same facial features. However, he actually looks quite different as he doesn't have a beard, but rather a thick moustache.
  • Bradshaw tends to be one of the more annoying enemies in Fort Mercer and Pike's Basin hideouts in Multiplayer, where he spawns with a Springfield Rifle and is a very accurate sniper.
  • Bradshaw's wanted poster differs between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.
  • Slink is one of only two members of the Bollard Twins Gang to wear a duster coat, the other being Gus Ballard.
  • Unlike most gang members, aiming a gun at Slink may sometimes cause him to shout "No!" and then run away instead of pulling a gun on the player.
  • Slink and Gus Ballard are the only members of the Bollard Twins Gang who cannot be encountered in the Pike's Basin hideout in single player.
  • Slink shows a slight resemblace to a younger version of Drew MacFarlane.
  • Bradshaw is not a playable character in Multiplayer.