(Buffalo Soldier approaches a wagon driver, Gabby Brennan to ask for a ride to Brimstone so he can talk to the governor.)

Brennan (bringing his horses to a stop): Whoa!

Buffalo Soldier: Hey there, you goin' to Brimstone?

Brennan: Close enough, I suppose. The express road passes about a mile outside of town.

Buffalo Soldier: Well I gotta get to the governor so he can call out the troops. There's trouble headed from down south.

Brennan: Well, climb on back, soldier.

(The wagon heads off with Buffalo Soldier riding in back while waves of bandits attack.)

Brennan: Looks like we've got company. Sure you weren't being followed?

Buffalo Soldier: What kind of fool hauls a load of TNT through bandit country?

Brennan: Aren't those General Diego's men? I hope you're a good shot.

Buffalo Soldier: I think I was safer in my cell.

Brennan: We've got a ways to go yet. I hope we can make it to the canyon.

Buffalo Soldier: Can't you go any faster?

Brennan: Left, right, left, right - you think the next batch will come from the left again?

Buffalo Soldier: You watch the road, I'll watch them.

Brennan: Oh, looks like I was wrong. Now they're comin' from both sides.

Buffalo Soldier: TNT? Why couldn't it be bacon and beans?

Brennan: If they keep comin' like this, we may not make it.

Buffalo Soldier: Sorry I got you into this, mister.

Brennan: They're comin' from the front now.

Buffalo Soldier: Thanks!

Brennan: They know where we're headed, that's for sure. They're on each side again.

Buffalo Soldier: The things I do for the army.

Brennan: Don't give up, look up ahead.

Buffalo Soldier: There's too many!

Brennan: Seems like they wanna surround us.

Buffalo Soldier: Can't you go any faster?

Brennan: More comin' from the rear.

Buffalo Soldier: Thanks!

Brennan: Looks like one last ambush.

Buffalo Soldier: This looks like the end.

Brennan: With shootin' like that, I think we just might make it.

Brennan: Sweet Mary, mother of God! You got them all!

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