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A white and brown pinto horse. Normal speed.

–In-game description

The Standardbred Pinto is a horse and transport featured in Red Dead Redemption.


The Standardbred Pinto is a chestnut Tobiano paint/pinto horse with normal speed. Its base price is $500 and $250 with high honor.

The Standardbred Pinto differs from the Tobiano Pinto as the Tobiano has a black mane and different markings; these markings, however, are the same color as the Standards.


  • There is no official breed known as the 'Standardbred Pinto'. The horse in-game looks like an ordinary painted horse i.e. a Quarter Horse with a colored (buckskin Tobiano) coat.
  • Its color type is called 'Skewbald' which comes in several forms (i.e. Tobiano, Overo, Tovero etc.) and is buckskin in color.
  • Most members of Dutch's Gang that appear in the story missions use this horse.
  • Jack Marston uses this horse in all of the Beecher's Hope missions.


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