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A taunt is an action that can be performed in Red Dead Redemption.


If Marston has honor below neutral and is to press the O/B button while facing a NPC that is not attacking Marston then he will taunt that said NPC. Alternatively, the player can greet other NPCs if their honor is above neutral.


John Marston

  • "Bet your Pa wished he'd have pulled out."
  • "Looks like the good Lord got your ass and face mixed up."
  • "Just kill yourself now, do humanity a favor."
  • "Promise me you won't have children, mister."
  • "Take my advice and give up on life, partner."
  • "Ma'am, you'd be beautiful if both your eyes looked in the same direction."
  • "I'm sorry miss, there must have been a terrible accident."
  • "God help us if you're in charge of this place."
  • "You make me glad to be a criminal."


  • Taunting can occasionally make unarmed NPCs run away.
  • Alternatively, Greeting an NPC will make them respond in a friendly manner.
  • The player can also taunt Undead in Undead Nightmare.
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