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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is intended to be added to the bottom of an article page. It uses the page's title (or an alternate provided phrase) to provide links to related content both within the wiki (blog posts, forum posts, images) and on external sites (YouTube, Rockstar, Wikipedia, Google). In each case, the PAGENAME is fed to a search URL, using the urlencode function to handle spaces and other special characters.

For external sites not dedicated to the game, the phrase "RDR Red Dead Redemption" is also included in the search where it makes sense. For example, on the Undead Overrun page, the YouTube link would perform a search on YouTube for "RDR Red Dead Redemption Undead Overrun".

To add the template to a page, simply include the following at the bottom of an article page:

{{Related Content}}

Two parameters are available:

searchphrase - alternate phrase to search instead of PAGENAME. Useful, for example, on a page like Ghost Town (Revolver Mission) where the search phrase might be better as simply "Ghost Town" or Multiplayer Challenges/Gambling Challenges where it might be "Multiplayer Gambling Challenges".

searchprefix - alternate prefix for external searches instead of "RDR Red Dead Redemption". Useful on pages dedicated to Red Dead Revolver or for pages where some part of "Red Dead Redemption" is already in the title. For example, on Redemption Mountains the prefix might be "RDR Red Dead" to avoid duplication of "Redemption".

Example using both parameters (if either parameter is excluded, the default value for that parameter is used):

{{Related Content|searchphrase=Something Else|searchprefix=A different prefix}}

Documentation transcluded from Template:Related Content/doc.

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