(In a flashback, Sheriff Bartlett is telling Red Harlow about how his father Nate was betrayed. Back during the war, General Diego is looking over battle plans and talking to Colonel Daren near the Border Bridge.)

Diego: Ha, ha, ha! We have those gringos exactly where we want them!

Daren: Generalissimo, you're not planning on taking on the entire yankee army?

Diego: You don't expect me to answer a stupid question like that? Prepare the artillery!

(The battle is not going well. Diego instructs his men in a change of plans.)

Diego: Ah, there are too many of them! The bridge must be destroyed. Set the charges where you must.

Soldier: But, general, that would be suicide!

Diego: It certainly will be if you don't. Andale! Andale!

(After the bridge has been blown, a prisoner (Griffon) is being escorted to Diego and Daren.)

Diego: Andale! Andale! This will teach those Gringos to cross the Rio Grande.

Daren: No uniform? Must be a spy. Bring him to me.

Diego: Take him to the river and shoot him like a dog.

Griffon: No, no, no! I'm not a spy, I'm a business man! Please, I was just tryin' to get across the river. Please, I have gold, lots of gold!

Diego: Ha, ha! You lie to save your pathetic life.

Griffon: No, it's true, it's true. I have gold.

Diego: Bring him to me.

Griffon: It's lots of gold. More gold than you've ever seen. A gold mine. And it's just over the border in the territory. If you spare my life, I can give you half.

Diego: Ha, why shouldn't I just take all of it?

Griffon: 'cause you don't know where it is.

Diego: You better speak fast. We need some privacy. Now, tell me more about this gold mine.

Griffon: Truth be told, there is one little problem. I only own half the claim. My partner Nate owns the other half.

Diego: And what if I kill your partner?

Griffon: Then that would make us ... partners.

Diego, (shaking hands with Griffon): Partner!

(Back in the present, Red asks Bartlett about Diego.)

Red: Where would I find this Diego?

Bartlett: He rides through the territory to deliver gold to the governor once a week. He rests his horses at Devil's Fork. It won't be easy. That wagon is like a fortress on wheels.

(Bartlett lets Red out of the jail cell.)

Bartlett: The charges are dropped if you reckon you can bring him in, dead or ... well, dead will do.

Red: Much obliged.

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