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Fucking cunt


  • "Hey! Yeah, you!"
  • "Go to hell!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "You gonna die!"
  • "I'm looking for a little she-wolf to spook the sheep with, hehe..."
  • "I come off all snuffy when I'm looking at you, darlin'."
  • "So, you a real cowbunny or just some live dictionary comin' to civilize us?"
  • "You got a real smooth mouth sweetie - real smooth!"
  • "You want me to install windows in your skull?"

Trivia Edit

  • He wears a recolored version of LS Roberts's outfit.
  • He shares the same quotes as Kyle McGinty.
  • His name is probably either a reference to "The Sundance Kid", who was a famous criminal that robbed trains and banks with his close friend Butch Cassidy's gang in the late 1890s and early 1900s, or "The Waco Kid" , a fictional gunslinger in Mel Brooks' satirical western, Blazing Saddles.
  • He wears the same outfit as Conor Callahan, another multiplayer character in the Lawmen section, albeit recoloured.


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