Her husband don't know she's fucking the help.

Theodore Eaves, referring to Mintie Cummings

Theodore Eaves is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Theodore's background. He has relatives, Amelia Eaves, buried in Tumbleweed cemetery, and Matilda and Charlotte Eaves, buried in Odd Fellow's Rest.


Theodore can most often be found in Armadillo, loitering in and around the Saloon. However, he has been known to frequent multiple locations throughout New Austin and West Elizabeth, such as Manzanita Post. He can also be found at The Old Bacchus Place, where he appears to live with Mintie Cummings. Theodore also works as a stagecoach driver in New Austin.


  • Theodore makes mention that he is in a relationship with Mintie Cummings, a widow. Since Red Dead Redemption takes place in a time when interracial couples were shunned, this may explain why they live in such a secluded spot.
  • Theodore mentions that Mintie's husband, Hart Cummings, does not know of their relationship. However, Hart is dead, and is buried at Odd Fellow's Rest.


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