Most of us grew up hungry and scared and alone, one way or another.
Tilly Jackson

Tilly Pierre (née Jackson) is a character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



An outlaw from the age of 12, Tilly ran with another gang before joining up with Dutch. Savvy, resilient and dependable, she can more than handle herself and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.
Description by Rockstar Games.

Biography in RDR 2 (click to enlarge)

Tilly became an outlaw at the age of 12, running with a gang called the Foreman Brothers. At some point she killed Anthony Foreman's cousin for valid reasons and left the gang, later encountering Dutch van der Linde and joining the Van der Linde gang.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Horseshoe Overlook Chapter

Arthur and Uncle take several of the women to Valentine so that they can shop and explore the town. Towards the end of the excursion, Tilly is hassled by a man who it is later revealed is a member of the Foreman Brothers.

Clemens Point Chapter

Tilly expressed concerns to Susan Grimshaw of the location of new camp location, as it was very close to a safe house the Foreman Brothers use. Tilly's concerns proved to be founded, as the Foreman Brothers managed to find their camp and kidnap Tilly. Susan enlists Arthur's help in rescuing Tilly, and the two find her in the in Radley House west of Rhodes. After killing the guards and saving Tilly, Arthur and Susan then pursue Anthony, killing more of the Foreman Brothers before hogtying Anthony and bringing bring him back to the Radley House.

Tilly warns Anthony to leave her alone and the decision to kill him or let him go is left up to Arthur. If spared, Anthony keeps his promise to leave Tilly alone.

Beaver Hollow Chapter

Tilly will give Arthur a letter from Mary Linton. After handing him the letter, she will tell Arthur she isn't worth it. After the Pinkertons raid the Hollow, she takes Jack and hides him from them. After Arthur and Sadie rescue Abigail, she leaves with Sadie, Abigail, and Jack. Although they urge Arthur to come with them, he refuses, instead opting to confront Micah.


After leaving the gang, Tilly marries a lawyer with the last name Pierre. She bore a child shortly afterward. John Marston can encounter her in Saint-Denis. They greet one another and she then has to go somewhere. Later, she writes a letter to John.



Tilly is often considered sweet and innocent by her peers and is well-liked. However, after having lived as an outlaw since a young age, Tilly grew into a resilient and dependable woman, savvy with the ways of the Wild West and not afraid to speak her mind.


By 1899, Tilly is a young woman with a dark skin and a short, black and partly curly hair.

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