The Title Update 1.03 patch was released August 4, 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Red Dead Redemption. It included anti-griefing measures for Free Roam, encrypting the save file to prevent modding, as well as several bug fixes.


  • All though this is a very minor change, some characters in the outfitter sit and stand differently than they did before this update. It is actually more realistic than before.

Free RoamEdit

  • While in Multiplayer Free Roam, if a player achieves a kill streak of 6 or more without dying, they will become a Public Enemy and receive a $1000 bounty.
  • While in Multiplayer Free Roam, if killed three times by any human player and each death is within 80 seconds of respawn, the victim is given the option to respawn away from the area.
  • Dead-Eye Targeting no longer works with Throwing Knives in Multiplayer
  • If You Clear your cache in an attempt to get more Experience from Hideouts as in before' Title Update 1.02' via the "System Link" Multiplayer option your Player Rank resets to 1. This is because title update 1.03 is backwards compatible with save files from previous versions but version 1.00 cannot read the encryption added in 1.03

Bug FixesEdit

  • Players now have the ability to swap shoulder buttons L1/L2, R1/R2..
  • When playing the game with Region set to Asia, incorrect button prompts were displayed.
  • Downloadable Outfits were not appearing in Change Outfits Menu after being unlocked.
  • Invincibility cheat was turned off when activating Dead Eye.
  • Occasionally, the player would not recover from being Drunk .
  • It was possible to have two player horses, with one permanently following the player.
  • If equipped with the bandana, sliding doors would temporarily attach to the player’s head.
  • The throwing knife range has been decreased when going into dead eye.
  • The stranger's quest "The Wronged Woman " can be completed for those who couldn't previously complete it from their interaction with Harold.