Tony is a minor character in Red Dead Revolver.


The Tony is a boss of a chapter, namely Chapter 17, "Mine", where we met with him and Captain Bufias before we could leave the mine inside Bear Mountain.Tony, is not know much about him apart from the name, is especially good with Molotov cocktails and used a potion of Professor Perry to help his partner to get up when injuries are severe enough to cause death - Similarly, Ted, Tony's partner will do the same if it falls to the ground almost lifeless. Tony is very good at throwing bottles and as you approach the edge of the mine and you're distracted, you will get a rain of fire which almost make you lose life. Similarly, when Ted falls dejected teammate, Tony exits the bottom of the mine firing all you have.

Mission AppearancesEdit


Tony seem to be Javier Diego's Rengade Army medic doctor, due he heals up Ted Bufias.


Come here! Voy a matarte!

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