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Trickshot Challenges are a group of Multiplayer Challenges that involve killing other players in competitive modes in a manner that differs from straight up one on one combat. These challenges are listed under the "PVP" section of the Journal menu:

Trick Shot

Four Trick Shot Challenges are unlocked at Rank 27

  • Clay Pigeon: Kill an enemy that's in midair (Title: Circus Trickster)
  • Kill Enemies Using Cover - Rank 1: Kill 25 enemies while using cover (Title: Hide and Shoot)
  • Kill Enemies Using Cover - Rank 2: Kill 100 enemies while using cover (Reward 100 XP and Title: Shy Guy)
  • Kill Enemies Using Blind Fire: Kill 1 enemy using blind fire from cover (Reward 150 XP and Title: Aiming is Overrated)

Trick Shot II

Three Trick Shot II Challenges are unlocked at Rank 29

  • Kill Enemies on Horseback - Rank 1: Kill 10 enemies while on horseback (Reward 50 XP and Title: Horseback Fighter)
  • Kill Enemies on Horseback - Rank 2: Kill 50 enemies while on horseback (Title: Mounted Murderer)
  • Kill Enemies on Horseback - Rank 3: Kill 100 enemies while on horseback (Title: Equestrian Killer)

Trick Shot - Legends and Killers DLC

One additional Trick Shot Challenge is added with the Legends and Killers DLC.

  • Tomahawk Sniper: Kill 1 enemy that's in midair with a tomahawk. Reward 150 XP.

Tips and Tricks

  • If someone is gripped to the side of a wall, this counts as them in the air.

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