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The U.S. Army is an institution that plays a role in Red Dead Redemption.


Soldiers fight alongside Marston in the hunt for the leader of Dutch's Gang. The Army appears to cooperate with the infant Bureau of Investigation, as seen by the fact the Army soldiers fight Dutch's gang, as well as come for Marston himself. During the mission "And The Truth Will Set You Free" if Marston rides near the front of the column of U.S soldiers, the captain will imply that the Bureau is forcing them to cooperate, similar to Marston's situation. American army soldiers are also a playable character faction in the Multiplayer game mode.

Multiplayer Characters

Player Models include the following:

  1. Slick Nick Funtz
  2. Tall Trees Ty
  3. Gaptooth McGee
  4. Big Bob Moorcock
  5. Frederick Littlefield
  6. Stephen Paul
  7. Jan Booth
  8. Eric Morganson


Red Dead Redemption takes place around the same time period as the punitive expeditions into Mexico to capture or kill Pancho Villa.

Tips and Tricks

  • The similarities between the uniform of the United States Army and the Mexican Army causes issues to players in identifying them. The main difference is the fact the U.S. Army uniforms are khaki colored and more clean and kept (with the exception of mud and dust splotches on some uniforms), while Mexican uniforms are grey, well worn and loose.


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