Undead Animals are animal variants found in the Undead Nightmare DLC Pack for Red Dead Redemption.


These are animals Infected with the undead plague. They are different from their living counterparts in that they appear to be decayed and they can withstand many more shots to the body, but can be brought down by a single shot to the head.

These animals will appear in the same locations as their living counterparts (i.e. Undead Bears/ Bears in Tall Trees).

Undead HorseEdit

The undead horse will appear when you whistle for a horse too soon after your most recent horse has died. They have unlimited stamina and average speed. The downside of the undead horse is that they automatically steer south, possibly towards the moon, or as an indicator that John must go to Mexico where the Aztec mask is located (though at the end of the game it is the undead horses that steer normally and normal horses that head south). They are not hostile, unlike the other undead animals. Undead horses can also be found roaming throughout the world and can be lassoed and broken. If killed, looting produces horse eyes and horse hearts. Occasionally when the player loses a steed, whistling will attract an undead horse, as if the player's previous horse had become undead.

Undead BearEdit

In spite of having a frightful appearance, undead bears can be brought down by a single headshot from a repeater or shotgun. When killing the undead bear with a torch for the Undead Hunter challenge, using the torch from horse back, especially one of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse, makes this much easier, as they will usually run away from the player after being hit.

Undead CougarEdit

Has the same characteristics as a live cougar but with a tougher body and exposed flesh and exposed ribcage. Usually found in pairs or small groups. Looting yields heart and teeth. The only effective way of dispatching the feral creatures is to shoot their heads (the same approach that is effective for other Undead); given the speed and ferocity of their attacks, it is certainly recommended that Dead Eye be utilised to achieve this result.

Undead WolfEdit

Travels in medium to large packs, similar to the standard RDR wolf. Undead wolves have black fur and are covered in wounds along their legs and chest (resulting in exposure of bones/spine as with other undead animals). Looting carries teeth and, possibly, a heart. The undead wolf is slightly larger than the normal RDR wolf, though the size difference is hard to notice.

Undead BoarEdit

The undead boars can be found around MacFarlane's Ranch and Tall Trees, particularly Manzanita Post. The undead boar is covered in patches of exposed flesh. Looting carries tusks, eyes etc. They are much less hostile than other undead animals, but will occasionally attack the player without being provoked.

Undead BullEdit

The undead bulls are noted by their exposed spine and grey head. They can be found mostly in Mexico and in Hennigan's Stead. Looting them yields horns. They are not hostile and will flee when approached, if provoked they will charge the player.

Undead CoyoteEdit

The Undead Coyote is recognized by their almost skeletal dog look. They can be found all over the map. They are also a lot more aggressive than their living counterparts.

Undead DogEdit

Found around cities. Found in large packs. Only attacks when startled, attacked, or may attack randomly but it's mostly uncommon.

Undead BatEdit

Undead bats can be found all over the map at any time of the day. Occasionally a large group will disperse from the ground when you fire your gun or get too close to them. They are a huge (wingspan approximately six foot) black bat with features similar to a pallid bat. Looting yields Undead Bat wings. In Undead Nightmare bats take the place of birds, which are not present in the DLC.


  • All of the undead animals can be looted after being killed, the animal parts received however, do not serve as ammo to the Blunderbuss, and in fact serve no practical purpose for the player beyond being collected for viewing in the 'provisions' section of the satchel.
  • In some Towns and landmarks the player may hear the occasional bark of a dog or hoot of an owl implying that there are some non undead animals.
  • Not any of the undead fauna can be skinned (hence the knife being replaced with the torch in the inventory selection), instead John presumably improvises with his bare hands to retrieve what remains of the animal corpses.
  • Goats appear with red eyes but do not look like the conventional undead due to their undamaged appearance.
  • Goats may be represenative of the devil judging by their black colour, goatee, and horn curvature.


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