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The Undead Cowboy Outfit is the default outfit available for John after completion of Undead Nightmare and is only available in such.


Just like the Cowboy Outfit, the Undead Cowboy Outfit does not give any bonuses or benefits to the player. It appears to be the bloodstained remnant undergarments of the Elegant Suit, minus John's hat and the suit jacket, along with a ragged red headband.


  • After getting this outfit, the player will be unable to change into any other of John's regular clothing. The player may only use either the Army of the Undead or Legend of the Undead outfits, which remain the same as with the regular John Marston model, albeit with a different skin tone and Zombie Marston's head model.
  • The Undead Cowboy Outfit is the only outfit to feature the bandolier once the main story has been completed.
  • At the end of some pre-release trailers for Undead Nightmare, the "Zombie John" artwork prominently featured in the DLC shows a zombified Marston wearing the Reyes' Rebels Outfit and headband in place of the in-game model's vest and tie.
  • Equipping the Undead Cowboy Outfit and activating the "Hic" cheat will lead to some hilarious results, such as when you fall over, Marston will attempt to stand up but fail, perhaps because of the way his stance has changed. He will sit up half way but collapse, all the while making noises of pain.
  • In multiplayer mode, when using the Undead Marston character, the player may occasionally be spawned as a slight variant. The skin is similar Undead Marston but it resembles more of John Marston as his eye is no longer missing, and they are instead both blood red. And he regains his original Cowboy Outfit, excluding the hat. 
  • John wears this exact same outfit (but clean and without rips or a headband) on the cover for the original game and some art work.  
  • The Xbox 360 version of the Undead Cowboy Outfit artwork resembles the actual Cowboy Outfit from the main game suggesting that there was a different Undead Cowboy Outfit was cut and replaced with the version we see today.  
  • There is a bullet wound above his left eye, despite john not being shot in the head.
  • In this outfit, John's signature hat is missing. Perhaps the reason why is Jack Marston took his hat upon his father's death, as he did in Red Dead Redemption.


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