Undead Nightmare Soundtrack
Release Date November 23, 2010
Genre Video Game OST
Tracks 18
Length 49:03
Label Rockstar Games

The Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Original Soundtrack was released in download form on November 23, 2010 with a physical CD following on January 17, 2011. It was published by Rockstar Games. The music was mainly composed by Friends of Dean Martinez member Bill Elm and ex-member Woody Jackson along with additional contributions from various musicians including Kreeps and Misterio. It is a compilation of 18 tracks totaling approximately 0:49:03.

Track Listing

Soundtrack Length Composers
Undead Nightmare 1:07 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Zombie Corpseplay 2:54 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Get Back In That Hole, Partner 2:36 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Army of Undead 2:23 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Chupacabra 3:19 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Zombie Peyote 1:42 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Ojo Muerto 1:50 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Blunderbuss Blues 1:58 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Four Horses Of The Apocalypse 5:03 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Blackwater, U.S.A. 5:21 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Undead Redemption 1:42 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Missing Souls 1:32 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
A Man Ready For Anything 1:57 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Showdown At Escalera 2:44 Bill Elm & Woody Jackson
Bad Voodoo 3:42 Kreeps
Dead Man Walking 3:52 Kreeps
Dead Sled 2:10 Kreeps
Stinkin' Zombies 3:11 Misterio


  • Some of the tracks have themes that are recognizable as modified versions of themes from the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack.
  • The title of the second track, "Zombie Corpseplay," is a play on the track "Horseplay" from the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack. Both tracks use variations of the same theme.
  • "Ojo Muerto" is Spanish for Dead Eye.

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