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A one-piece long underwear, generally made from flannel. Comes equipped with a button-up front, and a buttoned access hatch in the back for midnight runs to the outhouse.

In-game description

The Union Suit is an Outfit availible to be worn by John in Undead Nightmare and is only availible in such. After completion of Undead Nightmare, the outfit is no longer able to be used.


The Union Suit does not give any bonuses or benefits to the player. It is a flannel, cream-colored one-piece pajama with a button-up front and a button-up back-flap. It makes John barefoot as well as removes his hat due to the fact that the Union Suit is a sleeping garment rather than casual wear.


  • The third button from the top of John's Union Suit seems to be missing, as there is a buttonhole adjacent to the empty space. This may not be an error, but a way to show that the outfit is damaged.
  • Following "Love in the Time of Plague", John will have his bandolier and satchel, as well as his rifle and pistol holsters worn on top of his Union Suit, compared to how they were absent during the mission.
  • This is the only outfit which doesn't have shoes.
  • When running on surfaces such as wood, it sounds as if John is wearing boots.
  • When walking on blood or snow, bootprints are left behind.
  • Sometimes while walking around freed towns, people will sometimes say "Why is he in his long johns?" Long john's, like 'pajamas' is another common name for this type of outfit/underwear.


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