The United States Army is a faction featured in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.



The United States Army is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations against enemy forces, foreign and domestic. The United States Army is the largest and oldest established branch of the United States Armed Forces and is one of seven uniformed military services.


The modern-day Army has its roots in the Continental Army, which was formed on June 14, 1775, before the establishment of the independent United States, to meet the demands of the American Revolutionary War. Congress created the official United States Army on June 14, 1784, after the end of the war to replace the disbanded Continental Army. The Army considers itself to be descended from the Continental Army and thus dates its inception from the origins of that force.


Red Dead Redemption II

The U.S. Army serves as a minor, antagonistic faction throughout most of the game and is almost exclusively encountered in Fort Wallace or the surrounding areas.

Red Dead Redemption

Rdr u.s. military00

U.S. Army Calvary in Red Dead Redemption.

U.S. Army soldiers fight alongside Marston in the hunt for Dutch van der Linde at Camp Cochinay, near Tall Trees. During the mission "And The Truth Will Set You Free", if Marston rides in front of the column of U.S. soldiers, the captain in charge of the soldiers will imply that the Bureau of Investigation is forcing the men to cooperate, similar to Marston's situation. After the assault on Cochinay, the U.S. Army is not seen until the mission "The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed". In gameplay, if the player has a high enough bounty in the US region of the map, the American Army could be sent after the player,

Undead Nightmare

The U.S. Army is encountered during in the mission "American Imperialism" in which Marston helps some deserted soldiers to take over the Scratching Post from the undead. They give him a uniform so he can join a team in a train heading to Nuevo Paraiso, but in the way they are ambushed by a big horde of the undead and are forced to retreat, leaving Marston alone with the undead. They are also seen in the mission Missing Souls when the U.S. Army captain that helps Marston in the assault on Cochinay is seen putting a poster of a missing person. The U.S. Army is also seen guarding the survivors in Fort Mercer.
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Red Dead Redemption 2


  • The uniforms of the United States Army and the Mexican Army in-game are similar, but with some notable differences: the U.S. Army uniforms are khaki in colour and well maintained, while the Mexican Army uniforms are mostly grey in colour, well worn, loose, and poorly maintained.
  • The use of the Bolt Action Rifle by the U.S. Army in 1911 is anachronistic, as the Springfield M1903 rifle had replaced the Krag–Jørgensen rifle in service. However, it might be possible that the U.S. Army is seen in Red Dead Redemption still uses Krag–Jørgensens because they are clearly not a front-line unit, or even National Guard, which by 1911 had not been fully re-equipped with the M1903.
  • Consequently, the use of the Lancaster Repeater by the U.S. Army in 1899 is ALSO anachronistic, as the service rifle at the time was the Krag–Jørgensen.


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