Update: Triple XP is confirmed for 17:00 - 19:00 Eastern Time:

TRIPLE XP for Red Dead Redemption begins one hour from now, it'll run today from 5-7PM Eastern (New York) time since we hit up some good European times recently, plus we'll be online playing, stay tuned for full details in an hour...

Rockstar hinted that the next Triple XP multiplayer session will be on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in a couple of Twitter responses today. They also indicated that the Rockstar developers will be playing on PSN (at least) during the session. "Afternoon" is open to interpretation, but was included in a response to a user (below) from Los Angeles as "afternoon your time."

Past "surprise" sessions have lasted two hours and have been officially announced via Twitter and Facebook earlier the same day. Based on customer feedback, Rockstar has planned the session times to be convenient to various audiences (generally meaning early to late evening), with past sessions targeted at North America and Europe. Rockstar indicated that various future sessions would at least be targeted to these regions as well as Australia.

Keep your eyes peeled this Wednesday... RT @Jalapeno_Juice Any chance of TRIPLE XP for #RedDeadRedemption soon?
. @linzwashburn Don't try to hem a dress with a hunting knife. Also, join us for #RDR on PSN sometime – we’ll be on tmrw afternoon your time

Official Social Club Events now also feature Triple XP for both XBL and PSN (regardless of which platform is targeted in the event). The next such event is scheduled for PSN on March 31 from 17:00 - 20:00 Eastern Time .

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