Wikia has developed a free "Wikia Game Guides" app for iPhone/iPad and Android. The app includes content from a few dozen wikis and the Red Dead Wiki is one of them. (Information and download links)

I've taken a quick look through the iPhone version of the app. The opening layout is very nice and easy to navigate. Some of the individual categories work out well while others could use some improvement ... the improvement is all here on the wiki, though, since it all comes down to categorization. For example, the weapons section has a bunch of weapon images cluttering the list, which should be a clean list of actual weapons. This is due to the images being added to the same category here.

The individual article contents generally look very nice and are easy to read. All of the links between articles seem to be properly maintained. A search function is included and seemed to work well, although I haven't figured out why a search for "Sasquatch" included the "Seagull" page in the results (it was far down the list, though).

I recommend checking it out. It's free and it's definitely easier to pick up a phone or tablet to look up some information while playing than a laptop or desktop.

2ks4 (talk) 05:15, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

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