Ok, so a few day ago, I was playing with Chuparosa. I got bored and started a fist fight near the Cantina. Pretty soon, a crowd gathered up around me, some even sided with my opponets.

After a few minutes, the fight went to the other entrance on the cantina (on the left side.) Now, this is where the interesting thing happened. Out of the cantina, I saw Landon Ricketts! At first he seemed to be cheering along with the crowd, but then he actually JOINED the fight. Not against me though, but against me opponets! I was super surprised, but also rather excited!

Anyway, long story short. A gunfight began (it was started by Cornelius Wolfe) and I saw Landon run away.

Intersting, huh? Btw, this happened inbetween the missions Lucky in Love and The Mexican Wagon Train.

I encourage you to try this out if you are at that part in the story, maybe it'll work for you?


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