Hello people, I got a few ideas for a Red Dead that they should come out with soon.

RED DEAD REVENGE takes place in 1896, only half a dozen years earlier, the United Stated government unfairly destroyed the last of the free indians. Now, Hank Dakota, a great sharpshooter and tough Native American, is strongly seeking Revenge and joins with a group of Indian bandits. They target settlements and cause terror and mayhem. Then Hank meets a pleasent, but tough girl named Connie Alenti. One day, the group attacks her farm, they almost kill her until Hank intervenes and shoots one of his friends, and ultimatly saves her. Later, he finds out that her father is an army commander. Now, Hank is in the middle of being drawn to white by love, or leaving his tribe he once called family.

So, do you like my idea, or does it need to be changed? Leave your reply in the comments.

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