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  • Ak154

    1. In "Birth of the Conservation Movement" I think there should have been two ways to end the mission, one of which being killing the sasquatches, making the sasquatch population go down, or the other ending. Killing the frontiersman, making the sasquatch population high.

    2. Being able to take a sasquatch or zombie or dog as a minion/pet. I know a lot of people would have liked to have a companion while fighting the undead. I would have liked to have my own sasquatch. The way pets would fight would be like this: you could give a pet a gun/ammo, making yourself unable to use the gun. Ex: You give a sasquatch a Bolt Action Rifle with 100 shots. The pet can die and when it does, you have to get a new one. Taming a zombie would be easy, all you…

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  • Ak154

    This Friday October 1st, at 1 PM Eastern – Rockstar games will be unlocking the Marshals class of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer characters for use by everyone online on both platforms with no restrictions.

    Simply go to the Outfitter in online multiplayer after that time, browse to the Marshals class – and enjoy.

    Look for Rockstars online later that day dispensing some justice. We’ll give a shout on Twitter and Facebook when we jump on to Xbox LIVE and PSN.

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  • Ak154

    Cart racing.

    September 27, 2010 by Ak154

    I thought of a good idea for Red Dead Redemption multiplayer, cart racing. Your in a cart trying not to get shot of flip over as you make your way across to the finish line. I'll be fun because you can push other people off the road and into rocks flipping them over.

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  • Ak154

    I got this idea from watching people play the violins and people dancing inbetween game modes, playing instruments in single player mode and getting random people to dance to it. I don't think many of you people will like the idea though and I don't think rockstar games would want to waste money making this, but I think it would be funny. (Imagines John Marston in a saloon in Blackwater playing a trombone with people dancing to it.)

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