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    July 2, 2011 by Angeddy68

    In 1902,John Marston and his Cowboy went place else at night,but once, john and his man saw a large-winged creature,black suit,the sized of a man,red glowing eye hovering around the region,as he landed,the bridge collapse,while they seeing the mothman,the mothman swoop one of the cowboy and attack them.The mothman was a flying cryptids in the West Elizabeth and New Austin,The creature has been roaming the place everyday and making high-pitched screaming and terrified many people at night.

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  • Angeddy68

    While taking a ride with his horse and with his band of cowboy near torquemada,they saw three unicorn running around,but the cowboy take out his lasso and lasso the unicorn and ride on it,the unicorn attack the cowboy and but some cowboy want the unicorn's horn and take out his knife to take out the unicorn's horn.The Unicorn kill some of the cowboy.John Marston cut the unicorn's horn and kill it, and have it as a rare treasure,Marston have one unicorn's horn to use it as a weapon.There were Two unicorn left and then disappeared.

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