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  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Student and Bartender :)
  • I am Male
  • Anvil Sykes

    hello everyone, this is the second quiz blog, partnered to this one . hope you enjoy, same system, just comment your answers :)

    Comments may have the answers!

    1. What character that is spoken about, yet not seen and has the most political power in RDR?
    2. Who is Anabel West?
    3. What main character does John Marston meet for the first time in El Materdero?
    4. Name the one multiplayer-only character that dresses in drag.
    5. Whose surname means 'kings' in another language?
    6. What character is a cocaine addict?
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  • Anvil Sykes

    hello, this blogs about my idea that will cover all wanted aspects of RDR multiplayer

    R* gave an update that split free roam up, friendly free roam, hardcore free roam and normal free roam. I think there should be a realism free roam that should include the following that will mak the wild west experince more realistic.

    1. no more gang hideouts, instead they become posse bases for posses to conquer.
    2. posses are only formed after the leader catches a base, then he can form one. without a base the posse cant exist.
    3. NPC posses attack the bases, leaving players to defend them at the risk of breaking up their posse.
    4. in each major town wanted posters are put out for players that arent in a posse, they include the detials of the player that needs to be ki…
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  • Anvil Sykes

    Hey everyone this blog im writing isn’t so much about RDR but instead its more about my most recent holiday, I wouldn’t normally write a blog about my holiday but this one was different, if anyone reading this has seen ‘the hangover’ which hopefully most of you have, then you’ll understand where im coming from with this. Basically what happened is that me and four of my other friends went on a six day holiday to benidorm, sounds pretty typical as three of us were 17 (including me) and other two are 18 and 19.

    So the plan was to go out each night which went well as we went out the day we arrived, the following night after that and then the following night after that with no problems, other than the fact that everyone was pretty badly hungove…

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  • Anvil Sykes

    New To RDR wik

    March 7, 2012 by Anvil Sykes

    Hello everyone, or anyone whos reading this i'll start off by telling you about the reason im here; I have Red Dead Redemption !! ,im on xbox not ps3, I would put my gamertag on here but ive been told not to by friends, but if you want to know so that you can play with me on RDR then just send me a private message or something. On Red Dead im the highest level, highest pass onto legend as well, but not by cheating cause ive heard that somehow people can hack rdr to be the highest level which i just see as stupid cause to me the fun of the game is in the leveling up thats why i think i love rdr so much, i also have two golden guns, the winechester reapeater and the scholfield revolver (because there the eaisest ones to gett in gang matches)…

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