Hello everyone, or anyone whos reading this i'll start off by telling you about the reason im here; I have Red Dead Redemption !! ,im on xbox not ps3, I would put my gamertag on here but ive been told not to by friends, bu

While on holiday in Manhattan, look at who was pointing a gun at me

t if you want to know so that you can play with me on RDR then just send me a private message or something. On Red Dead im the highest level, highest pass onto legend as well, but not by cheating cause ive heard that somehow people can hack rdr to be the highest level which i just see as stupid cause to me the fun of the game is in the leveling up thats why i think i love rdr so much, i also have two golden guns, the winechester reapeater and the scholfield revolver (because there the eaisest ones to gett in gang matches). Thats about it really, and ive barely wrote anything :/

One thing I can blog about is the players on online multiplayer, and what there like, ive seen some nutjobs who just get angry when you kill them and blame it on a bad connection if you do it infront of their friends, ive seen people that just go aroud doing the gang hideouts on their own ( i dont mind this at all by the way cause its what i used to do when i started, but a word of advice to anyone that does is that if you get annoyed with other players who wont leave you alone while doing this then go into a private match, the map seems way bigger and scaryier, cant spell, but you will be left alone to just get it done ) there are also players that are stupidy good but play fairly and leave the lower levels who arent as capeable as them, myself is a mix of someone thats fair (im not just saying that, i am really) and someone whos got a target, you'll never see me in a free roam wandering about, i'll always be up to somthing. but whatabout you ?, what do you do mostly on free roam, comment your awswer

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