• Austinrule

    Well, aside from Ollie's experience, I too encountered the supernatural. This one, however; was more serene and tranquil.  The location: Silent Stead. 

    North of Tumbleweed and northeast of Cuevaseca is a stretch of land beneath the mountainside called "Silent Stead". An abandoned house sits decaying in the hot, intense heat. A neglected bed, shelf, table with chairs, dresser, and fireplace are left. This dwelling has no story and is not gossiped about by anyone. Well, there is a story, and I am going to tell it to you. Enjoy. 

    The year, 1865. A man, Herald Bashton, builds a house underneath the mountainside. A few months go by, and the house is finally complete. His hands are bloody and bruised. He loses so much weight that others think he i…

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