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  • Belegthalion

    Time for another patented Belegthalion rant. I love the game, and love the extended gameplay and challenges that multiplayer gives me. Nothing is more fun than exploring all of the nooks and crannies, and finding the cool easter eggs that the developers have taken the time to put in the game. How cool is an actual haunted ghost town? Major points to the developers!! The thing that I have noticed however, is that I'll be goofing off in public free roam, especially when I'm soloing gang hideouts for quick xp, and people will jump in at random and help me out. Normally I love this kind of cooperation, better xp and fun for everyone. I've made some friends in game with this very tactic. Voice chat, however, is a dead giveaway that YOU ARE A TW…

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  • Belegthalion


    June 16, 2010 by Belegthalion

    Time for another rant. I like Multiplayer games, and the fact that Rockstar has created MP games and challenges for RDR is simply awesome, so I am not griping about them. The issue I have is that the twelve year old kids that are playing a game that they should have left for the big kids seem to think that it is amusing to kill low level players at random. I realise that these idiots are simply trying to get a reaction from other players, and that it is the equivalent of spamming social forums like Facebook or Myspace, but please. Grow up kiddies. the fact that you are level 38 and have a sniper rifle, and can kill a level three greenhorn before he can move is pointless. Isn't it better to offer to HELP the low level players so that they c…

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  • Belegthalion

    Wiki Answers

    June 15, 2010 by Belegthalion

    I realise that most people don't read gaming blogs, and my target audience is the LEAST likely to be reading this, but here goes.... rather than ask a question on Wiki Answers, why not just check the Red Dead Wiki, or even check the Wiki Answers site to see if the question has been asked before? I actually like scanning the site, and answer questions whenever I can, but I see a lot of the same questions asked again and again. To top off the frustration list, can you not learn to use spellcheck, or frame a sentence in a complete question? "Bollard twins outfit?" is NOT a question! I realise that gaming has entered the mainstream, and it's no longer just geeks hiding behind their computer screens, but PLEASE, let's try to keep a modicum of i…

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