Time for another rant. I like Multiplayer games, and the fact that Rockstar has created MP games and challenges for RDR is simply awesome, so I am not griping about them. The issue I have is that the twelve year old kids that are playing a game that they should have left for the big kids seem to think that it is amusing to kill low level players at random. I realise that these idiots are simply trying to get a reaction from other players, and that it is the equivalent of spamming social forums like Facebook or Myspace, but please. Grow up kiddies. the fact that you are level 38 and have a sniper rifle, and can kill a level three greenhorn before he can move is pointless. Isn't it better to offer to HELP the low level players so that they can actually offer you a challenge in the Free For All competitions? Your actions are making the gameplay LESS enjoyable for other people, and can, and WILL, result in less people wanting to play the game. Once again, grow up kiddies. If you are reading this blog, and are a low level player, and have experienced this, know that there ARE easy ways to stop people from killing you that don't involve cheats. Contact me for info.

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