Time for another patented Belegthalion rant. I love the game, and love the extended gameplay and challenges that multiplayer gives me. Nothing is more fun than exploring all of the nooks and crannies, and finding the cool easter eggs that the developers have taken the time to put in the game. How cool is an actual haunted ghost town? Major points to the developers!! The thing that I have noticed however, is that I'll be goofing off in public free roam, especially when I'm soloing gang hideouts for quick xp, and people will jump in at random and help me out. Normally I love this kind of cooperation, better xp and fun for everyone. I've made some friends in game with this very tactic. Voice chat, however, is a dead giveaway that YOU ARE A TWELVE YEAR OLD KID!! To give a quote "Yeah, he's in the fifth grade or something, I only game with him cause he's really good and gets me a lot of experience.". This is from an eleven year old. This is the same kid that said of my native american character "Look, that guy is half black!". I'm no puritan, and really don't care how fucked up your kids are, but really. Letting your kids play almost any Rockstar game is insane. Way to go parents!!!

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