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    Not Gonna Happen.

    June 1, 2012 by Bellic GSM

    Alright guys, I know that R* is working on RDR anymore but, I just wanted to say that these characters would of been great as multiplayer characters!

    My list includes:

    - Archer Fordham

    - Shaky

    - Norman Deek

    - Amos

    - Jake

    - Jimmy Saint (Funny Man)

    - Aquila

    - Moses Forth

    - Walton Lowe

    - Outlaw On Horse

    These are just a few. Please comment if you have a character or any thoughts!

    Thanks fellas!

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  • Bellic GSM

    Hey Guys, I've created this Blog because recently, (over the past couple of days) I have run into a lot of people who have a problem with Dead Eye. Especially when I use it. I have been playing Red Dead Redemption since June 2010, and I have never run into so many people arguing about Dead Eye.

    To me, Dead Eye is very handy, it increases the range in weapons, and is extremely useful when you have run dry of sniper ammo. I wanna know your thoughts on this.

    Do you use Dead Eye, and if so, do people complain about it? Do you find it useful? Please share.

    Thank You.

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  • Bellic GSM

    I have cleared 920. What about you?

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  • Bellic GSM

    Mine is 16 days! Anyone else got a longer time? Please share. (If your not sure for the PS3, press START, then go STATS!) I'm not an XBOX player so I wouldn't know sorry.

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  • Bellic GSM

    I like the LeMat Revolver Golden what about you?

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