Ok, I was playing regular Red Dead Redemption last night and I was hunting the werewolf (I don't care if you believe in it or not btw) And it was almost daylight and I decided to start hunting bears so I went up to Tanner's Reach (no reason why I just stumbled upon it) . I remembered the chest in there so I thought it couldn't hurt to just go get some extra money. I was inside and I almost walked out when I heard a bear growl so I stopped and pulled out my gun. I looked out the windows and it popped up at the right side window of the cabin. I was standing there laughing at it's stupidity to not use the door until I seen it leave the window and move in the door's direction. So just in case it found a way to actually fit in the door way to get me I crouched at the back of the cabin, pulled out my trusty bolt action rifle, and took aim at the doorway. After about 30 seconds I started hearing this wolf-cougar growl. Whatever it was it sounded pissed off. So, being the dick I am to this game was like 'Bring it mofo!' so I continued aiming at the door. I heard the growl at least 5 times and after that I could no longer say that I mistook it for another animal. So I was like 'what the hell could this be?' I paused the game, grabbed my phone, and started recording the gameplay sounds for a minute but could no longer hear the sound. I was so pissed cause I was going to put it on here to see what the people of the RDR Wiki think of it. So anyway, I went outside, found no bear no birds.....nothing. I was like 'I just discovered GOLD and I could have proved this once and for all. DAMNIT!

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