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  • Blaff 60

    In light of recent events, the new Red Dead game (Red Dead Redemption II) has formally announced and we are excited as much as you are. However, keep the leaks and speculation to yourselves. Also, in regards to the articles, stick to the official information coming from Rockstar Games themselves and to the previews in the future. Please, follow the rules of this wiki and hope you have a good hype time right now.

    To summarize:

    • Don't put speculative information or leaks to the articles related to the new Red Dead game!
    • Keep the future articles for RDRII clean and bright! Don't put too much and don't put too less.
    • Stay for incoming information from Rockstar Games and previews from gaming sites.
    • Have fun.

    Rockstar Games
    Red Dead Redemption II …

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  • Blaff 60

    RDR is coming out on the PSN as a classic game. So, let's contribute for the Red Dead Revolver articles! Red Dead Revolver is very bare and thereof, lack of information to supply our fellow readers and editors in this wiki compared to the articles of Red Dead Redemption. I'm not forcing everyone to contribute but at least have a heart to make/supply/cleanup the articles of Red Dead Revolver. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

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  • Blaff 60

    As I was reading in the "Genesis" thread in GTAForum, getting info about GTA V, I stumbled on something, there was a link with all the "TBA" games in Vita leaked. As I scroll down...I saw T2's list of Vita games and saw GTA and Red Dead Record: 1847.

    Red Dead Record: 1847? As far as I know, maybe it takes place in the year of 1847 or a prequel for Redemption (as people speculated). Well, here is the link:

    Leaked Vita Games

    or pic:

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  • Blaff 60

    RDR racks awards of 2010!!

    December 25, 2010 by Blaff 60

    Red Dead Redemption scored a lot of awards these 2010 including 9 Game of the Year awards and some special achievements. For the full list see Awards.

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  • Blaff 60

    The trailer for Legends and Killers is out! Watch this L&K trailer. The trailer describes new spawn areas Blackwater, Manzanita Post and Rio Bravo, tomahawk kills and cameo characters a.k.a Revolver characters.

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