ok as u all know about grizzly bears me and my friend went hunting for a few but he was mauled before i knew it it was chasing me but wen i turned back around 2 were after me then another got in front of me so i went and ran to tall trees away from bearclaw camp but 2 were right there in front of me so i dedieded to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but another 1 got in ffront of me there was 6 after me so finally my friend came and helped me only to get mauled by a bear right behind us 7 then another came after me 8 were trying so i just ran to tanner reach and 3 cougars were after me im like ah come on iand finnaly i turned around i lost all the bears but cougars were still after me killed them all and turned around and got mauled by a bear me and my friend said to ourselves (becareful not to go to tanners reach tall trees and bearclaw camp without a better gun) so we went to great plains looked around and killed a few buffalos we went to tall trees and saw another bear killed it killed more then one came and mauled us both.bradley2k1 21:06, June 22, 2010 (UTC)bradley2k1

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