i think gordo the legendary boar is very weak as only 3-4 shots can kill him but as well as he can knock the brains out of you if u let him hit you. well the facts are brumas the legendary bear is very clear he is the strongest one and it takes near 8-9 bullets with winshester reapeter to kill him. khan the legendary jaguar is the most fastest fiere animal on red dead redemption he will charge at you as well it take 2 bullets to the head with a buffalo rifle is most likely the way you kill him. this brings me down to lobo the legendary wolf he is very strong but very slow as well as he is zombie because he is already dead and he more likely to be stronger than gordo but the jaguar is better than both together and brumas is better than all of them togetherBradley2k1 20:40, June 22, 2010 (UTC)bradley2k1

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