'Chapter 2 When I woke up i couldn't see I had a blind fold over my eyes I was on the back of my fathers horse I could tell because I had rode on it many times. I wriggled and twisted but i had been tide up with ropes they must have seen me move because one of them shouted So the little ones awake well we have a treat for you. HEY GUYS THE GRAND PROTECTORS SON IS AWAKE WHY DON'T WE LET HIM HAVE A LITTLE TREAT ON THE CLIFF!' The whole gang laughed next moment I get picked up and tied on to what I thought was a tree, they took my blindfold off and I find out what I thought was a tree was actually a tree root sticking out of a cliff and I was dangling on that cliff. I tried to pull my arms out but I couldn't one of the gang members got a knife and was cutting through the rope one piece of rope was left to cut but then a showed figure appeared, they all stopped ,including the one cutting me to my death, and stared at the figure five words came out of his mouth 'GET AWAY FROM THAT KID' Then 'BANG BANG BANG' they had all been shot dead. The figure came and I noticed it was president Nicks bodyguard he picked me up and untied the rope, 'Are you all right the president and i went to your house and then through the forrest we are truly sorry for your loss. We never though they would find out.' He sounded stressed but relived that they had got to me before the last rope was cut, 'Can i ask how you found me?' It was curious that someone would come all the way up a hill and find me dangling from a cliff, 'Well kid thats classified information but i can tell you something, when you grow up you will understand what im saying, you will grow up knowing that you nearly died you will want revenge on this gang but let me tell you if you seek revenge then happiness is the best one.' It didn't make sense but as i was thşnking about it i noticed there were eight horse which were the gangs 'Sir i wonder if i could take one of there horses and ride on my own i just want to think if thats ok.' The bodyguard just smiled at me and said 'of course kid' then he got on his own and rode off. On that day I owed my life to revenge on the western union gangs.

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