Chapter 3 17 years on and i've still had no look on catching the western union's but I hear about them in the newspapers, headlines of gangs surrounding banks and killings. I save each newspaper to track down where they were last then I will work out where there hideout's are so far they are attacking small towns. In my spare time I sleep but mostly work for the police catching criminals on my horse then putting them in jale i ask my captain if i can question them about the gangs but he always replies 'No officer, what if he breaks out then causes havoc what'll you do then huh?' so i don't, I live in a small town called paraville there's gambling games, a farm, chickens, and a stable for my horse. One day I helped one of my neighbours Carrol she wanted me to feed her chickens, clean her horses hooves and go round looking for hay, we don't have hay where we live its mainly grass so we have to ride on our horses for an hour to get to the local hay store but we have to sneek in and take as much as you can before the farmer comes out. I was cleaning the hooves of a horse when a teenager ran into the yard shouting, 'THERE HERE, THERE HERE!' I noticed he was bleeding and his hand was all cut, 'Who's here? What happend to you?' I asked, 'The western union gangs one of them are here!' I had done I had found them but they had come to me, 'There looking for a man called John Marston, said they have some unfinished business.' When I heard this I grabbed my gun, hat and shot off on my horse, This was my chance to get revenge I was riding so fast I had to hold my hat on my head, I heard gunshots and I could see them nearly there, 'Bang' I was flying off my horse and onto the ground, I stood up my horse was dead it had been shot but who shot him? They were all busy with the police officers But then I saw a shadow it wasn't on the ground it was on a roof! They were everywhere! We were surrounded.

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