Chapter 5, I finally found my way back home but all of my neighbours were injured to, my house had been blown up and all the horses shot down I saw my neighbour (Bonnie Mcfarlene) she had been injured blood was pouring out of her arm when I looked closer I could see she had been shot. ' Will you be alright it looks bad.' I asked her, 'I'll be fine, just a broken bone the doc said if it went anymore up towards my head I could've been in a coma for a year and maybe possibly die.' When she said this I felt relived, Bonnie had been a good neighbour she found me on the street when I had no where to go, so she took me in for a few days until I got my house. I walked to my house and looked in the rubble to see if I could see anything that wasn't burnt or torn up, there wasn't much to find but I picked out a burnt picture of my family, it wasn't only burnt it was ripped and it had bullets through all of our faces. This I would use against them I would show them the picture and shoot everyone as they had shot my family, while in deep thought about this I didn't realise the police come they were talking to bonnie about something so I moved closer to hear.'I'm sorry ma'm but you need to come with us.' the chief said, 'Why I'm trying to help my village and clean up this mess' bonnie didn't want to go with them but I was looking around all of my closest friends neighbours, all hurt and heartbroken but then I heard the police officer say,'Please ma'm we have a dead body that we need to identify it could be your brother.' Then she slowly and quietly got on her horse and rode off, the next couple of days no one ever saw Bonnie she stayed in her house and only came out to feed her horse, so one day I knocked on her door,' Hey Bonnie are you all right you seem a bit shaken up?' I could tell she had been crying her eyes were red and puffy,'John the body it wasn't just my brother it was my whole family,all shot in the head.' As she said this she cryed, I knew how she felt one day your family is happy the next shot dead.'I'm sorry for you loss I know how you feel, when I was young my family was shot to. That's why the gangs want me to finish the job and kill all my family.' Then I said something completely out of my mind,'I promise Bonnie that I will avenge your family, together they will pay!' She looked at me and joy spread on her face I smiled back at her.

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