I've been working on Master Hunter Challenge 6 and was having a little trouble finding my last fox and raccoon. Finally found a fox by Riley's Charge, so I went to Odd Fellow's Rest to find the last raccoon in the cemetery. Unfortunately, all I found were rabbits, armadillo, and coyote. Then I read that raccoon spawn right outside of Armadillo and could have kicked myself. Instead, I kicked my horse and hightailed it from Odd Fellow's Rest to Armadillo. As I came over the hill out of the little ravine just east of the cemetery, something darted out right in front of me from behind a bush, leaving me no choice but to trample it. "Hold on," I thought, "let me check that out before moving on..." Sure enough. I had trampled the final raccoon I needed; not exactly the grand hunting I was hoping for, but I'll take it. Now, on to find Irish so I can head over to Nuevo Paraíso!

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