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  • CtpMatt94

    Ok before you Read this im putting a 'spoiler warning' on the comments as the quiz has already been answered :) Hello everyone, the title of this blog is somewhat misleading I have to admit, its really just a quiz, but some of the answers to the questions are pretty hard to get and somewhat surprising. This is one of two quizes that me and my friend Anvil Sykes decided to make, as we feel we havent added to this wiki much yet, so if you like this one, you might want to check out his one once its made :)

    The questions get harder as they go down, just comment your answers and I'll comment back to say if youve got it right, just try not to get them all correct straight away, as it would probably kill the idea of this blog :)

    1. What character is h…
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  • CtpMatt94

    hello everyone, thanks for looking at my first blog, im gonna try and make it a good one. Its about the Gold Coach that is found in multiplayer at gaptooth breach, and players are only able to get in the drivers seat once the hideout is cleared, as its the only coach capable of holding 6 players (properly, not like when you jump into the back of a normal one) it makes it a common target for most posses, it is possible to get multiple Gold Coaches as they spawn everytime the hideout resets.

    But what im intrested in is what you do with the gold coach when its in your possesion. For me and my friends it revolves around alot of things like leaving it in the middle of bearclaw camp then fight over the 4 seats, this is because bears cant kill the …

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