• Cutebadman2011

    Hello I really enjoy playing red dead redemption undead nightmare online i was wondering if there was any groups or some sort of clan that play undead overrun and if there is if i can join because I can only get to like wave 13 with random people online and I want to play witth experts and get to a really high wave

    My PSN is : Cutebadman2011

    I use normal aim but im practicing with expert aim.

    Thank you.

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  • Cutebadman2011

    Good news every overrun fans, i sent Rock* this email complaining about Undead overrun.

    Hello, I just wont to take a little bit of your time to give you my point of view on the new undead overrun, I first of all wont to say what a great mod it was and there was no need to change it, I understand that we gamers don't know what a great game is until its gone, allot of people who were complaining about the old undead overrun now wishes it could be changed please Rock Star bring back the old undead overrun

    Thank you P.S Please let me know if there is going to be any changes.

    And they answered me with this email

    Rockstar Support, Aug-10 16:06 (EDT):

    We're changing it back in the next Title Update! :)



    its finaly back Please people keep sending…

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