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Strange glitch/bug this morning on RDR

I was playing Single Player, and I was wandering around Theives' Landing, when I noticed a newspaper stand. I decided to go buy one because I'd never had a newspaper in RDR before. When I walked up to the guy and pressed B (360) , I was instantly shot very high into the air! I was at least 1500 feet in the air! It was crazy, yet awesome. I could see all the way to Mexico! I could also faintly make out Blackwater. It was a short dream though, because then I started to fall, pretty fast too. When I hit the ground I instantly died. :( When I respawned back at my house in Theives' Landing, I walked back to the newspaper dude and I bought a newspaper. No glitch that time. Oh well, it was a weird glitch/bug, but it was still cool.

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