Live By The Gun

DON-JAMES 10:56, July 23, 2010 (UTC)Now Most Of Us Have Heard The Story About Tumbleweed But Most Of Us Havent So For Those Who Dont No You Should Check It Out ITs In Gaptooth Ridge Its Good Shit. Anyways I Kinda Belive Its Haunted And Kinda Dont The Reason I Belive Its Haunted Is If You Go To The Mansion Sorta Around The Same Time The Bats Start Leaving The Front Door Is Locked So You Got To Go Around To The Celler And When You Get In The Basement You Hear Someone Say "Hi" And Then When You Get To The Main Floor You Hear "How Do You Do" Well And You'll Hear Footsteps Throughout Your Vist So Those Are The Reasons I Think Its Haunted. The Reasons I Think Its Not Haunted Is Because Its A Gang Hideout And After You Kill The Gang Is When You Hear The "Hi" And "How Do You Do". So Whats Your Opinion On Tumbleweed Do You Think Its Haunted.


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