Hey guys, it's me. One of the reasons that I love Red Dead Redemption so much is because of the living breathing and somewhat spontaneous world. The characters impressed me for their uniqueness, each background character has a defined personality, and role in the world. I enjoy watching them go about their day to day business and sometimes even stalk particular NPC's. Heres a list of my absolute faves.

1-Carnelious Wolfe

Carnelious tops the list today because of all the sheer, unadulterated bad-assery in the game most of it belongs to this man. He is probably the most well travelled NPC, appearing at most major centres around the map. He plays poker, he can shoot, he can duel, he writes poetry, he is pretty much the ultimate man. Screw a prequel about Dutch's Gang, give us a game about Carnelious.

2-Dell Hopkins

I first lay eyes on Dell when exploring the map for the first time. I saw the white walls of Rathskeller fork in the distance and after a lot of travel I finally arrived. Inside the saloon I saw him sitting casually on a bench- the coolest looking lawman I had ever seen. First of all he has a feather in his hat. How badass is that? And then theres his rugged good looks, his weather beaten jacket and that awesome Double-Barreled Shotgun slung over his shoulder. Its a shame he didn't have a more significant role in the story, I'd love to fight side by side with him more often.

3-Melvin Spinney

The fearsome bearded face of Melvin is terrifying enough, but watching him tackle the zombie hordes? It really makes you appreciate how tough this man is. After the loss of his son he not only single-handedly defends Cochinay but also travels the across New Austin with fellow survivors, setting up barricades and defending them on his way to Fort Mercer. Melvin Spinney is one tough son of a gun.

4-Link Huston

He is a crazy bastard who ain't half bad with a rifle. You can't help but like Link, although I will admit to killing him in his sleep more than once.

5-Herbert Moon

Need I say more? It's Herbert Mooooon!!!!!!

So who are your favourite NPC's?

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